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New Delhi. In the year 1969, a film of Rajesh Khanna was released in which there was no interval. However, this film did not become a burden for the audience in any way. Rajesh Khanna and Nanda won the hearts of fans with their performances in the film. This film was important in many ways. The script of the film was also ready in just a week. This proved to be the third big hit of Rajesh Khanna’s career.

It is strange to hear that there is any such film in Hindi cinema in which there was no interval. This was the last film made by Yash Chopra for his brother Baldev Raj Chopra i.e. BR Chopra’s company BR Films. The name of the film was ‘Ittefaq’. Yash Chopra started his own company Yash Raj Films after this film. . Yash Chopra also made his first film ‘Daag’ with Rajesh Khanna, which proved to be a big hit.

2 films came with the same name, one proved to be a disaster, the other bombed at the box office, made the makers rich

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The script was prepared in just a week
Rajesh Khanna and Nanda starrer film ‘Ittefaq’ was made by chance. There is no interval in the film. The film was completed in one hour and 41 minutes. The entire story department sat and wrote it in a week. When Akhtar ul Iman got the script, he immediately wrote its dialogues and Yash Chopra surprised everyone by shooting the entire film in just 28 days.

Rajesh Khanna used to breathe life into every character of his.

Rajesh Khanna was not the first choice
Earlier Shashi Kapoor was to be seen in this film. But due to some reason he could not be a part of this film. But when Yash Chopra and Rajesh Khanna agreed to this film, it seemed as if his wish was fulfilled. Rajesh Khanna also promised him that he would not talk about money in this matter and would decide his fees according to whatever the budget of the film would be. The film ‘Ittefaq’ was released in 1969 after ‘Bandhan’ and ‘Aradhana’ and proved to be the third film of Rajesh Khanna’s first hat-trick of hit films.

Let us tell you that just as Rajesh Khanna was not the first choice of the makers for this film, in the same way the heroine of the film Nanda was also not the first choice of the makers for this film. Before her, two more actresses were approached for this film. But when things did not work out, this film came into Nanda’s kitty and the film proved to be successful. The pairing of Rajesh Khanna and Nanda was also liked a lot in the film.


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