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‘Yogi ji, there should be an encounter of the culprits…’, said the daughter of deceased Satyaprakash Dubey while crying over the Deoria massacre – Deoria Satyaprakash Dubey daughter demand culprits encounter crying over family massacre CM Yogi Adityanath lclam

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In the case of murder of five people of the same family in Deoria, UP, the daughter of the deceased has demanded an encounter of the culprits. Shobhita, elder daughter of deceased Satyaprakash Dubey, said that the killers should be hanged or they should be encountered. Shobhita has appealed to the state chief Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi Adityanath) for justice. Meanwhile, CM Yogi inquired about the condition of Anmol Dubey, son of Satyaprakash Dubey, admitted in Gorakhpur hospital. He has given instructions to the doctors for better treatment of Anmol.

there should be an encounter with the culprits

Shobhita, daughter of deceased Satyaprakash Dubey, is married. She was at her in-laws’ house on the day of the incident. While talking to ‘Aaj Tak’, Shobhita demanded from CM Yogi that strict action should be taken against the culprits. There is no one left to earn money in the house. Just like my family was killed, the culprits should be encountered or they should be given death sentence.

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Shobhita further said that she complained several times on the Chief Minister portal. If checked, more than a thousand applications will be found lying there. A complaint was also made to the district administration but no action was taken.

Satyaprakash Dubey’s daughter Shobhita lodged FIR

Shobhita, daughter of deceased Satyaprakash Dubey, has filed an FIR regarding the murder of 5 people of the family. Based on Shobhita’s complaint, a case has been registered against the attackers under serious sections like 302, 307, 504. In this, 27 people are named while 50 are unknown. So far the police have detained 14 people.

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At the same time, the uncle of the deceased Premchandra Yadav from the other party has also lodged an FIR in Rudrapur Kotwali. In which 5 people have been nominated. At present, the police is busy arresting the attackers. There is heavy police force deployment in the entire village.

The attackers entered the house by breaking the door

In the FIR, Shobhita told that with the intention of killing her over a land dispute, on October 2 at 7:30 am, Premchandra along with his family members and about 50 other people came to my house with guns, sticks and weapons, abusing them. Threats. When my father closed the door, all these people broke the door and entered inside. They killed my father Satyaprakash Dubey, mother Kiran Dubey, brother Deepesh alias Gandhi, sister Saloni and Nandini on the spot. Whereas, my younger brother was badly injured. At the same time, one brother Sarvesh had gone to Ballia for worship. That’s why his life was saved.

Relatives of the deceased crying after the massacre

What did Premchandra Yadav’s wife and daughter say?

Let us tell you that Premchandra Yadav has three daughters. She studies outside. The daughters started crying bitterly after the murder of their father. He said- ‘We have no information. Just got a call from father in the morning. After which he went towards his (Satyaprakash) house. He was killed as soon as he reached there. Papa had parked the bike on the farm. They took the bike and went to their home. When father went to get the bike, he was attacked.

At the same time, Premchandra’s wife said that she had received a call in the morning. We went to give tea but by then we had started the bike and left. After some time the news came that he had been killed. When the father-in-law went to the spot, his dead body was found. We have three girls, where to take them? You find out that my men did not quarrel or fight. The land dispute was going on for a long time.

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